The nonionic solvent SCOURVEL PLC LIQUID is very effective for scouring, desizing, stain removal, weight reduction, and levelling agents for one-step dyeing. It is stable in both acidic and alkaline environments. Any varieties of polyester, polyester cotton, and blended materials can be utilised with it. PLC Liquid has a light yellow to off-white colour and is sold in 50 kg HDPE carboys.

Water Softening Chemicals

Aqua soft WS 540 is an efficient concentrated chelating & sequestering agent for textiles. It is used to eliminate water hardness and heavy metals, such as iron and copper which affects the scouring process.

All in One Scouring Agent

SCOURVEL PLC LIQUID is a highly effective, nonionic solvent, for swelling, scouring, Desizing, stain removing, weight reducing & leveling agents for one-step dyeing. It is stable in both alkaline & acid medium. It can be used for all kinds of Polyester, polyester cotton & Blended fabrics. The appearance of PLC Liq. will be pale yellow to off-white Liq. it is available in 50 kgs HDPE carboy.


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