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Rotary Engraving Chemicals

Rotary engraving chemicals are a crucial step in creating a high-quality etched screen. The nickel screen's little clogging is removed using it. The nickel screen is washed with chromic solution AL-3001 for 10 to 15 minutes, after which the screen is rinsed with water. It aids in shortening development time and won't harm screens.


Chromic solution AL-3001 is very important step for the production of a good engraved screen. It is used to remove minor chock from the nickel screen. Chromic solution AL-3001 is scrubbed for 10-15 minutes on the nickel screen then screen is hosed down with water. it helps in reducing development time & it will not damage screens. chromic solution AL-3001 will be dark reddish.


PHOTO EMULSION AL-3535 is used for machine coating as well as hand coating of rotary screens of all mesh counts in textile printing. It is an easy, very smooth uniform coating layer for easy development for textile engraving. The color of PHOTO EMULSION AL-3535 will be blue before polymerization & greenish blue after polymerization. 10 kgs photo emulsion al-3535 will be well mixed with 0.500 gm sensitizer before coating. It will be available in a 10 kgs carboy with 0.500 gm sensitizer.  


STRIPPER AL-1001 is stripping agent for engraved screen fo all mesh counts. It has been especially designed to remove the cured photo lacquer from the nickel rotary screen. As stripper al-1001 contains hazardous solvents and other volatile organic substance there should be provision for proper ventilation in working space and it is compulsory to wear safety goggles, protective mask,golves,clothing and shoes. 


ENDRING REMOVER AL-2001 is specially used for removing adhesive bond from endrings.Pour ENDRING REMOVER AL-2001 in bucket & immerse the endrings in liquid approximately 25 to 30 minutes then remove endring  & wiped off with cloth. Always weare hand gloves & protect eyes by wearing glass. colour will be light pink.

Rotary Screen Choke Up Remover

Being a leading name of the industry, our company is reckoned for manufacturing and supplying a pure stock of Choke Up Remover. Widely used in garment and textile industries, these removers efficiently remove dyes and chemicals from the printing screens. Our Choke Up Remover is cherished by our valuable clients for its attributes like accurate composition, non-toxicity and eco-friendliness. Furthermore, we formulate these chemicals at our modern labs by using quality tested compounds.


degreaser for rotary screen.


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